Hi I’m Matt, a work anywhere, work on anything, digital nomad. I am an ideas man who loves to travel and loves to create, which led me to start Matt Kennedy Creative.


Producing fresh yet practical designs, I am all about providing clients with outputs that both look good and have the potential to sell well. Meaning it’s my priority to design for YOU and with YOUR objective in mind. After all, great design is effectively useless if it’s unable to successfully convey the right message.

A Business graduate of La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, I have had experience marketing both for profit and non-profit organisations. This means I get it, I get the jargon that you use and I believe the content is just as important as the design.

Four years into my first desk job, I started to branch out into in-house desktop publishing. I embraced my passion for creativity and untapped design skills to make office life more interesting! From then on, I’ve never looked back. Buoyed by the positive feedback of clients, I continue to refine my design skills and push for higher standards knowing that my best designs are yet to come.

Working online means I can do this from anywhere in the world. Sometimes I’m a Melbourne based graphic designer, other times I’m a Philippines based graphic designer! The freedom to move around really does enable fluidity and originality in my work. There is no office and no walls, and likewise there are no boundaries for my mind. There is limitless inspiration at my finger tips and I am so grateful to be part of a generation that is able to push the boundaries of what constitutes ‘earning a living’. So cheers to being a digital nomad, cheers to the good life!

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